Awesome acrylic accessories to brighten your life!

Hi, I’m Chantae  - designer & maker of awesome acrylic accessories!

Lecky Studio was born out of my love for designing things and problem solving. Tired of beautiful artwork being reduced to boring frames, I set out to make something bright, unique and easily accessible. And so Lecky Studio was born!

My goal is to bring colour into people’s homes (and lives), without being bound to the latest fad. This allows you to create a fun and cohesive interior style that doesn’t date (and might even make your friends a little envious!)

Whether you #shopsmall or like to mix in a few Kmart bargains, the perfect accent piece can brighten your space and bring it all together.

Follow the journey over on Instagram. And I love seeing how you use your items, so don’t forget to tag #leckystudio